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Innovative Water & Sanitation Solutions

for Urban Development

     Urban Waters embraces a holistic view of urban development that aligns with contemporary international development paradigms and practices reflected in Agenda 2030 SDGs and concomitant New Urban Agenda. Finding out how to support and build on a city´s homegrown search for solutions, is fundamental to our approach. Essentially this relies on collaboratively identifying physical, spatial and institutional strategies to enable municipalities and water utilities to progress towards their goals.


We develop livable, hygienic and resilient water & sanitation solutions through tailor-made, nature-based and decentralized cluster approaches. Urban Waters brings together grassroots expertise from the world.

Our Services

Experts Panel


Advisory Services

What can`t be maintained, shouldn't be built

We provide institutional advisory services around integrated Water & Sanitation solutions which is considered as a key component to create Inclusive, Livable and Climate Resilient Cities.

We support municipalities and water utilities to develop projects and to establish the required enabling frameworks including legal, organizational, financial and technical aspects. Following this functional approach, we analyze the situation, find inter-sectoral co-benefits, build stakeholder capacities and recommend practical solutions


Urban Planning

Save, Separate, Reuse

We plan and support implementation of green urban water infrastructure for:

  • Wastewater free urban settlements and housing

  • Operationalizing non-sewered sanitation solutions

  • Water mining, tapping into urban water flows like rain water, storm water run-off or treated effluent for urban greening, agriculture or cooling

  • Waterbody Restoration – reactivating urban water bodies for its multi-functionality as water reservoirs, recreation areas and urban micro-climate controllers



Learning from Nature

With the help of nature-based solutions we engineer systems to treat domestic and municipal wastewaters including faecal sludge that can be operated. without electrical power consumption and at lowest running cost.

We are specialized in:

  • Constructed wetlands

  • Anaerobic wastewater treatment

  • Sludge treatment

  • Solid-free sewer networks

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