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"How can we ensure that the sludge reaches the treatment plant?" - Moving Forward

This week we were at the #FSM6 conference co-hosting a workshop with the Hafencity Univerisy titled "How can we ensure that the sludge reaches the treatment plant?”. Reading the theme of the Faecal Sludge Management Conference - FSM Heros we invited the our heros of FSM - the private & public sector carrying out emptying & transportation services in the some of the most challenging parts of the world

We had an overwhelming response and we felt the 90 minutes was just not enough to cover all that we wanted to discuss. Hence we decided to open up the room again. Whether you joined us this week or not, we invite you to continue the chat in this zoom room on 16th June 2021 9.00 UTC. Join us on this live discussion where we revisit the unanswered questions and share more experiences.

We would like to shout our thanks to the energetic team of breakout room moderators and our passionate speakers from PASA, BORDA South-Asia, DAWASA and invite them again to help us tackle this tough question.

Now we all know it is a question that needs an answer. Let us find it

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